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Control principle of fully guaranteed submersible sewage pump
Release date:2018-02-25

The fully protected submersible pump usually contains signal detection such as overload, leakage and phase protection, so as to prevent the pump from burnout due to overcurrent, leakage and leakage. It will harm the normal operation of other devices and human safety. In order to monitor the operation of the pump in real time, the submersible pumps are usually equipped with these sensors. The following is a simple analysis of the testing principle.

Temperature detection

Because of the bearing problem or the excessive axial force caused by improper selection, the pump bearing is damaged or even damaged. Therefore, a temperature sensor is installed in the bearing part. When the pump overload occurs, the motor winding is heated, and the motor is protected. The temperature sensor uses the thermistor, and the thermistor mainly takes into account the maximum and maximum temperature resistance of the pump winding and the temperature appreciation at the full load of the pump. When the pump emerge, the heat is quickly passed through the heat sensor to the protector, and the power is cut off.

Detection of water leakage

Because when the motor seal and cause water to enter the stator winding when the need to design a detection probe, detection principle Water Leakage probe is the use of embedded in the two electrode probe of submersible pump to achieve, once into the water, the resistance between the poles of value greatly reduced, so as to achieve the purpose of signal detection.

Detection of vibration signal

When the blade of the submersible sewage pump is entangled with impurities in the water, the impeller rotation of the pump is out of balance, which will cause severe vibration of the pump, and connect the piezoelectric vibration sensor into the pump. The sensor is composed of a spring, a mass block piezo and a base. The stiffness of the sensor base is fixed near the bearing of the motor of the submersible pump and the mechanical vibration of the pump is felt. When the sensor to withstand the vibration, the spring stiffness is quite large, and the mass is relatively small, it can be considered that the quality is very small, so the mass feelings and the same vibration sensor base, and by the inertial force and opposite direction of acceleration effect, this kind of mass, there is a proportional to the acceleration of the alternating force on the piezoelectric element. Due to the piezoelectric effect of a piezoelectric element, alternating charges are generated on the two surfaces of the piezoelectric element.

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