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Professor Qin Fei of the Department of accounting of Shandong Business Institute
Release date:2018-01-11

In order to improve the quality of audit professional training program and deepen school enterprise cooperation, Qin Fei, an accounting department of Shandong Business Institute visited our company in May 4th to conduct professional research.

The survey was highly valued by the company. Mr. Chen Peilun, chairman of the company, appointed Ms. Li Tongjiao, the Accounting Director of the finance department, to participate in the investigation. Li Li first introduced the company's general situation, business scope and development prospects, and then entered into an in-depth communication with Qin Fei teacher on the aspects of setting up of financial department, setting up of internal audit institutions, and financial needs of talents. Through communication, we can understand the related situations of enterprises' financial positions, deepen the connection between schools and enterprises, and provide a reference for future audit professionals' comprehensive quality training and company's financial sector personnel training.